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10 Reasons living in Telluride is the best idea

Downtown Telluride

Telluride sure attracts a fair number of tourists every year, but did you know many also come to stay for good? Here are the top 10 reasons why people make the move to this beautiful mountain town.

  1. Excellent hiking

    Telluride is an outdoor lover’s playground, with excellent hiking opportunities especially in the summertime! If you want, you can go the extra mile and go trail-running as well.

  2. Skiing opportunities unlike any other

    Did you know that Telluride is America’s best ski town? The slopes here are uncrowded, covered in fine, powdery snow. You get to enjoy million-dollar views and choose between beginner-friendly runs to expert-level slopes.

  3. The amazing Telluride Golf Course

    Love golf? Then behold the 18-hole golf course at the Telluride Golf Club. This 6,739-yard, par- 71 course provides ample challenge and doesn’t skimp on the gorgeous mountain scenery.

  4. The serene environment

    Telluride has one of the most serene living environments in Colorado. The town has a low population and life here moves at a slow, leisurely pace. The air is fresh, the nature well-preserved, and the seasonal activities plenty. You won’t run out of things to do.

  5. A foodie’s paradise

    Just because you’re over 8,700 feet above sea level doesn’t mean there will be a shortage of good food. In fact, Telluride’s local dining scene rivals many great lowland cities. You’ll find everything here, from artisan bread to Thai food.

  6. The plethora of local festivals

    There are plenty of events to look forward to, ranging from world-famous festivities such as the Telluride Film Festival to more eclectic offerings, like the Imogene Pass Run. Click here to access Telluride’s festivals and events calendar.

  7. It has a refined side as well

    Telluride isn’t all about outdoor activities. It is home to a thriving local arts community as well. You can go on monthly art walks, explore the town’s wealth of galleries, and regularly brush shoulders with local artists.

  8. Telluride feels authentic

    There is no shortage of great ski towns in North America, but what separates Telluride from the others is its high level of authenticity. No matter how many wealthy people go, and luxury developments rise, Telluride remains true to itself: an Old West ski town.

  9. There are great schools in Telluride

    If you’re planning on moving with the whole family or raising your own in Telluride, you’ll be pleased to know that the town has excellent educational opportunities. Telluride High School is, in fact, ranks high among Colorado schools.

  10. There are people like you in Telluride

    You’ll meet plenty of locals who, years ago, fell in love with this mountain town and made the decision to stay here for good. You’ll easily relate to a good chunk of Telluride’s local population, making the transition smoother and stress-free.

Live in America’s coolest and best ski town

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