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4 Reasons to Love the Colorado Climate

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Colorado is one of the most loved destinations in the United States. Colorado has it all – popular metro areas with all the best amenities surrounded by jaw-dropping natural spaces. It’s the perfect place to relax, have fun, and explore.

Visitors and residents alike are taken aback by Colorado’s splendor. One of Colorado’s most unique features is the area’s diverse climate. The gorgeous climate plays a huge role in establishing Colorado as the US hotspot that it is today.

Here are 4 reasons to love Colorado’s climate:

Experience the Best of All 4 Seasons

Colorado experiences some of the most beautiful seasonal shifts in the country. The state is renowned for having a strong balance of all 4 seasons – without the worst parts of any of them.

The winter season is cold, but not too grey. Summers are warm and sunny without being humid and buggy. The springtime is rainy, temperate, and filled with frequent rainbows. Autumn is cool and colorful, with golden hues casting over the horizon.

There’s not necessarily any ‘bad’ season in Colorado. They’re all different, enjoyable, and special in their own ways.

Plus, every season has its own range of outdoor activities to take part in. Whether it’s a bike ride, challenging hike, or relaxing backyard barbecue; the Colorado seasons support it all.

Sunshine (Almost) All Year Long

Don’t think that Colorado is a dreary destination.

Despite its Northwestern location, Colorado experiences tons of sunshine. In fact, the annual average is 300 sunny days every year. That makes it easy for residents to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels and thwart off the negative side-effects of seasonal effectiveness disorder.

We all love the sunlight, but make sure to stay protected. It’s recommended to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and other protectants to prevent exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. You’ll be getting tons of sun in CO, so the proper gear is required.

Nothing Beats the Refreshing Mountain Air

Colorado’s air quality is pristine, thanks to the surrounding mountains and tons of greenery. Colorado’s atmosphere is crisp without being too dry. The state’s average humidity level is 33%, providing just enough hydration to prevent overdrying.

The Perfect Elevation

Did you know that Colorado is the country’s highest state? The state’s average altitude is about 6,800 feet above sea level putting us way up in the mountains. This ensures that Colorado’s air is clean and provides plenty of sunshine, nurturing the state’s rich collection of greenery and wildlife.

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