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5 Great Pantry Ideas for Luxury Homes

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Does your pantry need a new look? If so, I have some tips that can help.

While the pantry is oftentimes a home’s hidden element, upkeeping an organized and stylish pantry adds a special touch of intimacy and luxury to the homeowners’ experience. When was the last time you opened up your pantry and smiled? If it’s been a while, it may be the right time to change things up.

If your household pantry is in need of an ultra-luxe makeover, consider implementing these 5 great ideas.

Switch Out Old Containers for Glass Jars

A pantry that’s filled with different packaging and containers can easily become disheveled and disorganized. Transition to a uniform food storage method to keep things looking sleek, clean, and neat.

Use glass jars and cans to store your goods. Gather jars of all sizes with easy-to-seal lids and fill them up with your pantry’s goods. Consider labeling the jars for an added touch. Use a ‘chalkboard’ sticker and chalk for labels that can be changed with every new item.

Add a Pop of Color

White isn’t the only color that’s appropriate for your kitchen. In contemporary kitchen design, dark and bold colors are used to add a hint of drama and stark character. Go for a deep hue that adds sophistication, style, and vibrancy.

Make sure that you’re choosing a color that will seamlessly tie into the rest of the house. You don’t want to choose something random that looks out of place.

Throw In a Few Decor Elements

Who said that pantry areas can’t be decorative? Feel free to add some decorative elements inside of your pantry for added flair. You’ll be blown away by how much a few accessories can do for elevating your pantry’s design scheme.

Apply a Chic Patterned Backsplash

Does your pantry need some updated cabinet interiors? You have another option other than just some paint. Get creative and opt for a patterned backsplash to line your pantry. Backsplashes will give your pantry a completely new look that is easy to apply and incredibly cost-effective.

Open Things Up

Once your pantry is looking its best, it’s time to open things up!

Your stylish new pantry doesn’t need to be hiding behind a closed cupboard. Instead, go for an open shelving look by removing the cabinet doors of some or all of your pantry. It will make your kitchen feel bigger and more expanded – and allow everyone to see your new favorite nook.

These 5 pantry decorating tips will transform your home’s food storage area, establishing the perfect balance of luxury and utility.

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