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6 Home staging tips for a fast sale

Staging a home for sale is a fairly new phenomenon. About 20 years ago, nobody really cared about it, but now it’s a must if you want to sell your home fast.

Home staging has proven to have a significant impact on a home sale. According to a 2017 report by the National Association of Realtors,  staging can increase the sales price of a house by up to 10%. Meanwhile, 39 percent of respondents reported a decrease in the amount of time a home is listed for sale.

If you would like to give home staging a try, check out the following tips.

  1. Focus on certain rooms

    You don’t need to stage the entire house. Instead, focus on the spaces that count.  The living room, kitchen, and master bedroom fall under this category. These are the rooms where most buyers spend a lot of time in. As for the other parts of the home, keep these areas tidy. Bedrooms and guest bedrooms should be gender-neutral.

  2. Don’t forget to de-clutter

    While you love your things, and we’re sure it’s all wonderful, your potential buyers aren’t interested. They want to see more of your home and less of your stuff. You don’t have to get rid of it permanently (unless you want to, that is), but it should be packed away and stored for the move to your new home.

  3. Clean, clean, and clean everything!

    A thorough, deep cleaning will show potential buyers that your home is well taken care of. Clean every square inch, from the corners of the ceilings to the bathroom floor. Don’t forget to remove odors, as well. You may not notice smells in your home, so ask a friend to stop by to conduct a sniff test. If you have pets, remove them from the property and rid the home of fur and pet dander.

  4. Paint the walls

    It’s always a good idea to give the walls a fresh coat of paint when you’re selling. When done right, it can uplift the entire property and make it seem like brand new.

    Stick to neutral colors to give your home a light and spacious appearance. If your kitchen cabinets look dated, give them some love by re-painting or re-staining them.

  5. Rearrange the furniture

    If you have too much furniture to the point that it overwhelms a room, put some of it in storage. The idea is to have enough furniture in each room to allow a potential buyer to visualize their own belongings in the space. Rearranging furniture can also make rooms look more spacious.

  6. Don’t forget the front porch and entryway

    Give potential buyers a warm welcome with a clean and well-decorated front porch and entryway. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, sweep the walkway and the porch, and give your front door new color and hardware.

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