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San Miguel County: One of 2019’s healthiest communities

Earlier this year, U.S. News (in collaboration with Aetna Foundation) released their 2019 Healthiest Communities report.

Seven counties in Colorado made it to the Top 20. This includes Douglas County, which bagged the top spot, and of course, San Miguel County, which came in at #17 with an overall score of 83.4. It’s quite a feat, considering that San Miguel County was ranked #101 in last year’s report. In just a span of a year, San Miguel County jumped 84 spots!

Our home excelled in three specific categories: Population Health, Food & Nutrition, and Environment. Let’s take a closer look at what makes San Miguel County one of the healthiest communities in the country below.

Population health

San Miguel County rated 91 in their overall health score. This category evaluates access to health care, as well as prevailing health conditions in the community, mental health, healthy habits, and the like.

San Miguel County U.S. National Average
Life expectancy 83.7 years 79 years
Smoking rate 14.8% 15.6%
Residents with no health insurance 11.5% 9.9%
Adults with no physical activity 11.9% 21.6%
Heart disease prevalence 15% 27%

Food and nutrition

San Miguel County scored an impressive 95 in this category. The rankings are based on the community’s access to healthy foods. Researchers also looked at the prevalence of diseases linked to poor nutrition.

San Miguel County U.S. National Average
Obesity prevalence 17.3% 28.4%
Smoking rate 14.8% 15.6%
Residents with no health insurance 11.5% 9.9%


San Miguel County rated a 92 in the Environment category. These ratings were based on the natural surroundings of the community, as well as water and air quality, access to parks and outdoor activities, and environmental risks.

San Miguel County U.S. National Average
Residents living within 0.5 69.6% 38%
mile of a park
Exposure to unsafe drinking water 0% 5.3%
Days of extreme heat per year 5.3 11.1
Health risk from toxic chemicals (lower is better) 0 20,104,764.39

Other scores

San Miguel County also earned ratings on the following categories:

  • Equity: 58
  • Education: 60
  • Economy: 69
  • Housing: 30
  • Public safety: 74
  • Community vitality: 68
  • Infrastructure: 81

Looking at the charts above, it’s easy to see why San Miguel County scored so high overall. The area naturally lends itself to a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things to do and numerous opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Everyone has access to fresh air and clean water as well.

Living in San Miguel County, CO can be good for you

When you’re looking for a healthy place to live, consider San Miguel County in Colorado. It has the numbers to prove it’s a great option, especially if you love outdoor sports and recreation all year ‘round.

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