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Telluride’s culinary scene: Simple and high-quality

People don’t just come up to Telluride to ski, hike, or chase other outdoor recreational pursuits. People come here to eat and drink well, too. 

When we think of Telluride’s food scene, images of simple food of mind-blowing taste and quality immediately come to mind. Here, it’s all about highlighting seasonal local produce, and then some. 

We think these five restaurants do a fantastic job in representing Telluride’s amazing culinary scene.

  • 221 South Oak
    221 South Oak Street, Telluride, CO
    New American dishes featuring seasonal ingredients and their extensive vegetarian menu made 221 South Oak a real star among food lovers in Telluride. Whether you’re ordering a big, juicy hunk of meat or a shiitake mushrooms with smoked purple potatoes, you’ll be in for a treat.
    Props to 221 South Oak for also having a fine wine list that complements their broad menu.
  • Rustico Ristorante
    114 East Colorado Avenue, Telluride, CO
    Even high up the mountains of Colorado, you’ll find good, authentic Italian food. In Telluride, it’s offered in Rustico Ristorante, where you can feast on various regional specialties, based off family recipes that have been around for generations. Part of the experience is the open kitchen concept, a theater of sorts so you can watch the chefs prepare your food.
  • Brown Dog Pizza
    110 East Colorado Avenue, Telluride, CO
    Not far from Rustico Ristorante is Brown Dog Pizza. People often think most restaurants in Telluride are expensive, but there are affordable options that are just as good. Take Brown Dog Pizza, for example, which reigns supreme as the king of Detroit-style pizza in Telluride. The fact that Brown Dog Pizza was named after the owners’ chocolate Labrador retrievers make this casual restaurant all the more charming.
  • Floradora Saloon
    103 West Colorado Avenue, Telluride, CO
    It has been an amazing 40 years for Floradora Saloon, dubbed at Telluride’s favorite restaurant. People keep coming back for their American menu, made with the best and freshest seasonal ingredients grown in the area.
    Depending on what the earth gives, you might be enjoying honey baked brie and roasted butternut squash soup one season and a completely different menu the next.
  • La Marmotte
    150 West San Juan Avenue, Telluride, CO
    One of the most charming restaurants in Telluride, La Marmotte is housed in a wooden cabin that dates back to the 19th century. The novelty, however, isn’t the reason why La Marmotte has earned a special place in Telluride’s culinary scene. It’s their special take on French classics. Treat yourself to fresh oysters, escargot stuffed with garlic-parsley butter, and haricots verts salad tossed with fresh greens.

Telluride’s culinary scene has more to offer

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