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Why luxury ranches are the ultimate wedding destination

Planning your wedding or renewal of vows? If you are interested in a destination wedding, consider getting wed in a luxury ranch up in Telluride. We declare it the ultimate wedding destination, and here are a couple of reasons why.

  • The scenery transforms
    Unlike a beach, a luxury guest ranch in Telluride transforms depending on the season. You might have an explosion of colors creeping up the mountains during a spring or fall wedding. And if you want a winter wonderland-themed ceremony, a luxury ranch won’t have a problem delivering that kind of experience.
  • It’s incredibly romantic
    Being so removed from the rest of civilization, there’s hardly any light pollution in Telluride. And when you get married in a luxury ranch here, you can enjoy the darkest night skies.
    The sunsets can be extremely gorgeous as well, so if you’re planning to get married in the late afternoon in a luxury ranch in Telluride, imagine just how beautiful and romantic the ceremony and the reception would be.
  • There are a wide variety of activities
    You can turn your luxury ranch wedding in Telluride into a fun two-day affair. Depending on the season, you can take your guests on a spring hike in one of Telluride’s easy trails or skiing in the winter.
    You can welcome your guests with local wine and produce, then stage your wedding rehearsal in one of Telluride’s best restaurants or ski resorts. The bridal party can book a spa treatment, while the groom and his men can go out for some outdoor recreation.
    Inviting your guests to come up to Telluride for the wedding, you would also be giving them a reason to take a break and enjoy a little vacation.
  • The ambiance would easily be warm and inviting
    You and your guests would feel right at home as luxury ranches tend to be exceptionally warm and inviting. This kind of atmosphere is partly because of the location, and then the kinds of decorations, materials, and furnishings used throughout the property.
    Rich wood, plush rugs and seats, warm lighting, and locally made décor, along with furnishings from some of the best furniture designers, ensure you and your guest would be in utmost comfort.
  • The options are endless
    Whether you want a formal black-tie wedding or a more casual affair where the men and women wear cowboy boots or Birkenstocks, your wedding theme would fit right in at a luxury ranch in Telluride.
    And as mentioned above, there are plenty of things to do in town. You can create personalized itineraries for your guests to help them make the most out of their week (or weekend). Your destination wedding can be a cozy affair or an adventure-filled event, or both, and then some!

Your ranch in Telluride can be the next big wedding venue

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Jim Lucarelli, Broker/Owner