Forbes Contributor Names Telluride as Favorite Resort

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Larry Olmstead, Forbes contributor, has recently named the Telluride Ski Resort as his new favorite ski resort!

He credits the most important reason for his love of Telluride Ski Resort as the Terrain. With trails good enough for the pros, Larry loves this about this location. Let’s also remember that for those who are a little less advanced in skiing, we’ve got some great trails for you too.

Secondly, he appreciates the “presence of a town” nearby as another reason people should check it out.

Lastly, Telluride offers a wide-range of activities in and around the resort. It keeps you captivated, and entertained enough to stick around.

Read more about why Larry Olmstead loves Telluride Ski Resort.

March 2013

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Telluride received over 100 inches of snow in February and March has been off to a great start as well with a few nice storms in the past week.
Forbes just published a piece on Telluride Telluride ˆ My New Favorite Ski Resort? that is worth a read. We‚ve also posted it on our Facebook page Telluride-Lifestyle.

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Top 5 Ski Resorts by Forbes!

Forbes magazine has named the town of Telluride as one of the top 5 ski resorts!

Here’s what they had to say

If you’ve been to Telluride, you understand why it’s on this list.  Seeing this town’s main street framed against one of the more magnificent box canyons in the world, the spire of its old courthouse saluting a battalion of serrated San Juan peaks, pays for the plane ticket.  As for that plane ride, Telluride has a reputation for being hard to reach.  It’s a tag that gets Dave Riley, the CEO of the resort, bristling.  “It’s simply not true,” he says.  “It’s easier to get in here than a lot of other Colorado resorts, and the drive is better.”

To read full FORBES article click here


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