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Your guide to the ultimate horseback riding experience in Telluride, CO

One of the best things about owning commercial or luxury real estate in Telluride, CO is having a majestic, sprawling mountain landscape surrounding you in all directions. You have so much beauty to take in and so much natural wonder to witness and discover – with so many ways to do it, too. Opportunities to hike, bike, and ride an off-road vehicle abound in and around Telluride. But none of these activities compare to the sheer delight of experiencing the great outdoors on horseback. ...

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Cool new features to add as you build your home

Custom-building your home provides plenty of opportunities for you to truly make it your own. Here’s a list of cool new features to add as you build your home: Built-in custom shelving and furniture Having built-in shelving and furniture is an excellent way to save space while giving your home an elegant and seamless flow. Well-placed built-in shelves, cabinetry or desks can really make a space stand out. You also have a range of built-in options to choose from, whether you jus...

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Where to find the best fishing experiences in and around Telluride, CO

Surrounded by rich nature in all directions, Telluride is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Among the wide variety of exhilarating recreational opportunities available here, fly fishing ranks high among people’s favorite things to do. In Telluride and its surrounding areas, the exceptional elevation, clear and flowing tributaries, and abundant trout populations make for an irresistible and unforgettable experience, whether you are a seasoned angler or a first-timer. If you are new to Te...

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Look for these features in luxury homes

A lofty price tag isn’t the only defining feature of luxury homes for sale in Telluride, CO. Affluent buyers look to high-end properties for the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and privacy. While a luxury home is made to fit the needs and tastes of individual homeowners, many discerning buyers agree that these six features are a must-have for every luxury abode: ...

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7 Colorado Hiking Trails for You and Your Four-Legged Friend

Of the many things to do in Telluride, one of the most enjoyable is going hiking. Colorado’s many hiking trails give you ample opportunity to take advantage of the state’s abundant sunny weather and fantastic natural landscapes. There are trails to suit everyone, whether scenic or isolated, short and easy or long and tough, handicap-accessible and even dog-friendly. Have a look below at 7 of the best Colorado hiking trails where you can have your pooch tag along. 1. Bear Creek Dog Pa...

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Outdoor Kitchen Tips to Create an Al Fresco Heaven

Americans have a long-standing love affair with outdoor meals. When the weather is warm and balmy, there’s nothing more alluring than basking in the warm sun over lunch or having dinner under the glittering stars. Food prepared in the open often seems more delicious and appealing, which is why many luxury homes for sale in Telluride, CO are built with truly impressive outdoor kitchens. Cooking and feeding your loved ones is one of the few joys in life. Getting to do so in your own fully...

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy That Condo

There are many good reasons to buy a condo. Condos can be an inexpensive way to own a home, especially if your heart is set on owning property in an up-and-coming neighborhood. And the condo lifestyle can be quite enjoyable with a lot of the work of home ownership handled for you and often extra amenities on site No matter the reason, if you’re looking to invest in one of the condos for sale in Colorado, there are ...

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skier jumping off cliff

4 Reasons to Love the Colorado Climate

Colorado is one of the most loved destinations in the United States. Colorado has it all - popular metro areas with all the best amenities surrounded by jaw-dropping natural spaces. It’s the perfect place to relax, have fun, and explore. Visitors and residents alike are taken aback by Colorado’s splendor. One of Colorado’s most unique features is the area’s diverse climate. The gorgeous climate plays a huge role in establishing Colorado as the US hotspot that it is today. Her...

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Small Pantry Housewife, Containing Necessary To Cook

5 Great Pantry Ideas for Luxury Homes

Does your pantry need a new look? If so, I have some tips that can help. While the pantry is oftentimes a home’s hidden element, upkeeping an organized and stylish pantry adds a special touch of intimacy and luxury to the homeowners’ experience. When was the last time you opened up your pantry and smiled? If it’s been a while, it may be the right time to change things up. If your household pantry is in need of an ultra-luxe makeover, consider implementing these 5 great ideas. ...

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